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Cambridge Primary Science Activity Book 1
Артикул: 9781107611429
Cambridge Primary Science Activity Book 1
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Cambridge Primary Science Activity Book 2
Артикул: 9781107611436
Cambridge Primary Science Activity Book 2
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Testing Spoken Language : A Handbook of Oral Testing Techniques
Артикул: 9780521312769
This is a practical guide to designing and using oral tests of language ability. It is for teachers, testers, course designers and educational planners. The organisation follows the sequence of stages in which a new testing programme would logically be carried out. It takes the reader through the testing process, giving practical examples and discussing the issues involved at each stage. Testing Spoken Language removes testing from the realm of the specialist and presents it as an integral part of a language learning programme. It describes the range of test-types and discusses their suitability for different aims and resources; lists over fifty oral test techniques and variations, with comments on each; integrates the marking system into the process of test design; and provides suggestions for monitoring and improving a test once it is in use.
Ways of Doing : Students Explore their Everyday and Classroom Processes
Артикул: 9780521585590
Ways of Doing helps students discover how they do things, both inside and outside the classroom. Based largely on humanistic principles, it over 100 activities designed to encourage students to think, speak and write in English about areas they may never have discussed in their mother tongue. Ways of Doing is a rich source of stimulating and easy-to-use lesson ideas requiring minimal preparation. The activities, which are suitable for a range of levels and ages, deal with the following areas: - examining the patterns and processes in students' everyday life - exploring both the mother tongue and the foreign language - group dynamics - exploring and exploiting the course book - ways of learning - correction and feedback. There is also a special teacher development section.
What's It Like? Teacher's book : Life and Culture in Britain Today
Артикул: 9780521586610
The text and audio CD combine to provide students with a fascinating insight into what it is like to live in Britain today, using recordings of young people from various parts of the country talking about their lives.
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Lower Secondary Maths Student's Book: Stage 9
Артикул: 9780008378554
Inspire and engage your students with this fully updated Lower Secondary Maths course from Collins offering comprehensive coverage of the curriculum framework and Thinking and Working Mathematically skills. Written by an experienced team, each Stage (7-9) comprises a comprehensive Student's Book, extensive Workbook and supportive Teacher's Guide.

Develop your students' maths mastery and confidence with a strong emphasis on Thinking and Working Mathematically integrated throughout the course. This Stage 9 Student's Book provides comprehensive curriculum coverage and follows a mastery approach, with topics being thoroughly embedded before learners move on.
* New concepts are presented through worked examples, which lead learners, step-by-step, through the concepts, with clear and detailed explanations.
* Links are made between topics, encouraging learners to build on relevant fluency from previously learnt topics, and practise mathematical concepts in a different context.
* Learners develop 21st-century skills in Thinking and Working Mathematically, enabling them to gain competence and confidence in mathematics.
* Learners are encouraged to reflect on their learning, to build learner independence.
* The series builds on the foundations laid down in primary maths, and prepares learners for embarking on IGCSE (TM)

Provides support as part of a set of resources for the Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics curriculum framework (0862) from 2020.

This series is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the new curriculum framework 0862 from 2020.
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First for Schools Trainer 2 6 Practice Tests without Answers
Complete First for Schools Workbook without Answers with Audio Download
Super Minds Level 2 Student's Book with DVD-ROM
ompact Preliminary for Schools Workbook without Answers with Audio Download
Complete First for Schools Student`s Book without Answers with Online Practice
Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language Student Book (Collins IGCSE English as a Second Langua)
Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma
Артикул: 9781107612112
Super Minds Level 2 Student's Book with DVD-ROM
Артикул: 9780521148597
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