The Cambridge Teacher series

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Mathematical Thinking in the lower secondary classroom - Teacher Resource
Артикул: 9781316503621
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Teaching Probability
Артикул: 9781316605899
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Teaching Statistics
Артикул: 9781108406307
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Designing and Developing a Professional Development Programme
Артикул: 9781108440820
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CLIL Essentials for Secondary Schools Teachers
Артикул: 9781108400848
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CLIL in Context: Practical Guidance for Educators
Артикул: 9781316609453
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Language Rich: Insights from Multilingual Schools
Артикул: 9781316603451
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Excellence in Bilingual Education: A Guide for School Principals
Артикул: 9781107681477
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Language Awareness in Teaching: A Toolkit for Content and Language Teachers
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