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Oxford University Press is the world's largest university press with the widest global presence. Oxford University Press have an incredibly diverse publishing programme, which often surprises people who are expecting a traditional university press offering.
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Nelson International Mathematics Kindergarten Workbook
Артикул: 9781408519011

This title has been written specifically for primary schools teaching a UK based curriculum. Written with an international focus it is designed for primary pupils from a range of backgrounds to prepare them for studying mathematics at secondary level

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Hero Academy: Oxford Levels 4-6, Light Blue-Orange Book Bands: Teaching Handbook Year 1/Primary 2
Hero Academy: Oxford Level 1+, Pink Book Band: Ben Helps
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Q: Skills for Success: Level 3: Reading and Writing Student Book with iQ Online Practice
Артикул: 9780194903943
Q: Skills for Success is renowned for helping students to achieve academic success in English. The Third Edition helps students to develop the techniques and critical thinking skills they need for academic study with new Critical Thinking Strategies, updated texts and topics and 100% new assessment.
Edexcel A Level Maths: A Level: Edexcel A Level Maths Year 1 and 2 Combined Student Book: Bridging Edition
Артикул: 9780198436409
Endorsed for Edexcel, this Student Book provides full support for A Level Maths (2017 specification). Bridging units at the start of each Year 1 chapter provide the perfect springboard to support students in their transition from GCSE. Concise recap sections and abundant fluency-style questions ensure the whole class can be brought to the same level of readiness for A Level. The main chapters cover the full specification across pure, mechanics and statistics. Clear and concise explanations are supported by extensive worked examples showing key techniques and common pitfalls. For each topic, students can check their understanding with a fluency-style exercise before advancing to a dedicated problem-solving exercise. This Student Book supports the major changes in assessment style for the 2017 specification, with an assessment at the end of each chapter written in the new exam style, and with revision exercises that test synoptically across the syllabus. The Year 2 calculus coverage has been updated to support Edexcel's new specification content (revised in 2018). Short answers are in the back of the book, while full step-by-step solutions are provided free online. MyMaths links appear at the bottom of all exercises, providing a quick route to further practice and support. Additional support is available online via Oxford's widely acclaimed Kerboodle platform.
Oxford Maths Practice and Mastery Book Year 4
Артикул: 9780190312657
The Linguistics Wars
Артикул: 9780195098341
Intermediate GCSE Mathematics (GCSE Mathematics: Revision & Practice)
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