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The Cambridge Education Research Series

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Higher Education Reform and Development: The Case of Kazakhstan
Артикул: 9781108414074
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Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice
Артикул: 9781316640791
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A University's Challenge: Cambride's Primary School for the Nation
Артикул: 9781316612170
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Do Universities have a Role in the Education and Training of Teachers?
Артикул: 9781107571907
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Education in a South Africa
Артикул: 9781107447295
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Making a Difference: Turning Teacher Learning Inside Out
Артикул: 9781107574953
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Building Bilingual Education Systems: Forces, Mechanisms and Counterweights
Literacy as Numbers
Артикул: 9781107525177
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Rethinking Heritage Language Education
Артикул: 9781107437623
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Educational Reform and Internationalisation: The Case of School Reform in Kazakhstan
Multilingualism and Language in Education
Артикул: 9781107574311
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Teacher Education and Pedagogy: Theory, Policy and Practice
Артикул: 9781107626553
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Teachers Learning: Professional Development and Education
Артикул: 9781107618695
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