Mathematical Thinking in the lower secondary classroom - Teacher Resource ISBN: 9781316503621

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This book is for teachers and educators who want to develop their maths teaching skills where English is the language of instruction. It has been written by the international group of educators based at AIMSSEC, The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre. The book provides practical classroom activities underpinned by sound pedagogy and recent research findings. The activities are designed for teachers working alone or in ‘self-help’ teachers’ workshops. They are designed to develop mathematical thinking and offer immediate practical tools to help deliver this approach. All of the content in the book has been trialled by teachers around the world and is written by experienced maths teachers and subject matter experts, so you can be confident that the tools can be used to help deliver successful teaching and learning in your classroom, wherever you might be in the world. This book: provides practical support for mathematics teachers in the 11-15 lower secondary classroom, includes activities that exemplify ways of teaching and learning the most important parts of any national curriculum, and offer material that is universally relevant is written by an experienced international writing team, all of whom have worked as teacher educators in more than one country. Focuses on problem solving activities and identifying powerful ways of approaching the curriculum.
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