Omg! Is This Actually My Life? Hattie Moores Unbelievable Year! ISBN: 9781406340013

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The Official and Totally Mental diary of Hattie Moore. Fourteen-year-old Hattie Moore doesnt actually know who her dad is - but thats the least of her problems. How can she become a total hotness goddess when Miss Gorgeous Knickers at school hates her and No one fancies her. And her family are an actual nightmare. Her unbelievably annoying brother is EVIL and on top of that, her gran is a Total mental, who may be texting rude jokes to just about Everyone in the world. Including dentists. Hatties diary of this tumultuous year is an absolutely hilarious account of the ups and downs of teenage life, including a dating bogey phobia, near death from biscotti and a home-made breast-growing machine.
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